8 Questions to Answer Before Building a New Website

So you are thinking about a website for yourself or your business.

Great! This is an exciting time for you!

In today’s digital world, a website is an important part of making a new business, organization, community, or idea, a reality.
Your website will serve as the first experience that many consumers will have with your brand.

At Quarry, we’re continuously helping our clients to navigate the process of creating a new website.
We’ve assembled a selection of 8 key questions to answer before beginning work on a new site into a handy eleven page PDF guide, in order to help those who are in the planning stages of a new website.

  1. What is the purpose of your new website?

  2. What is the primary action that you wish your visitors to take?

  3. Who is your ideal visitor? (i.e. customer)

  4. Where does your ideal visitor (or customer) spend their time on the web?

  5. How can this website make your business more effective and more profitable?

  6. How can this website bring additional value to your customers?

  7. Will your site be providing products or services for self-service checkout?

  8. How much monthly traffic do you anticipate receiving by the end of year one?

In the guide, we’ll help you to first, understand exactly why each of these questions is important, and then, to come up with the right answers for your website.

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