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Our technical SEO optimization is serious.
No fluff, no ridiculous, out-of-this-world promises. Only deeply technical on-page SEO optimization, and nothing else.

If you want to sleep well at night knowing that your website’s SEO is optimized to the teeth, then read on, because we’re here to help.

Rise above the competition with fully optimized on-page SEO.

Leave your competition in the dust.
Our technical and on-page SEO approach is designed to squeeze every last ounce of organic SERP performance out of your website and content. We optimize to the most finite detail and the last possible setting to make sure that your customers can find you as easily as possible.

Leverage local.

78% of all local mobile searches result in offline purchases.

With stats like that, getting local SEO right can mean BIG things for your business.

For local optimization, we leverage technical SEO tools like SCHEMA markup, geographic keyword optimization, Google My Business, and customer reviews.

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Technical SEO Optimization & Local Search SEO


We employ all available tools to ensure that your business dominates search results.


We optimize META tags using a proprietary methodology which maximizes keywords to achieve the best possible SERP placement.


SCHEMA markup enables your website to display things like review data, pricing, phone numbers, and more, directly within search results.

Open Graph Markup

Open Graph markup ensures that your pages are presented beautifully in native posts on all social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Image Alt Tags

Image alt tags allow search engines to better understand the subject of your pages and the context of your content.

Heading Tags & Page Structure

Proper placement of heading tags and proper overall page structure presents your content to search engines (and users) in an organized and concise way. This ensures that the topic of your pages is clear to search engines.


We’ll optimize your robots.txt file to ensure only the pages you want are crawlable by search engines and not the pages you don’t want to be.


Optimization of the .htaccess file is important to make sure that your pages are crawlable by search engines. We’ll also apply security and speed optimizations on the .htaccess level.

Canonical Tags

If your website has content that appears in multiple places, such as within two separate categories, canonical tags are important to avoid duplicate content penalties.


We’ll ensure that all relevant sitemaps are created and submitted to search engines.


Not only is full HTTPS a security and speed best practice, but it is also a Google ranking factor. We’ll help get your site migrated to the HTTPS protocol.

Analytics & Tracking

Tracking and SEO go hand-in-hand. We’ll help ensure that all of your tracking codes are implemented correctly, and help you to optimize your codes for any enhanced tracking needs.

Search Console

We’ll verify that your site is configured and submitted correctly in both Google and Bing search consoles.

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