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The Founder

“We’re convinced that the line between creative design and customer experience is very blurry. In today’s world of technology overload, we consider intelligent, simplified design which lends to personal experiences to be the most powerful tool for building lasting relationships with customers.”

Our focus is developing online interactions that delight users and profit businesses.”


Our Design & Development Proccess

A tried and tested, structured workflow deeply conducive to high-quality end results at a swift and efficient pace.

Initial Conversation

Our process begins with an initial phone chat or an exchange of emails. During this conversation, we will seek to understand the nature of your project, your needs, your business, and your goals.

At the same time, we will provide you with some introductory conversation about us.

If it seems like there is a mutual fit, we will continue to the next step.

Estimate & Onboarding

After we have formed a thorough understanding of your project and your needs, we will provide an estimate with clear, easy to understand line items and pricing.

Once you have approved, we will send you our simple Terms of Service Agreement, along with an invoice for a 35% deposit on your project.

Once paid, you are officially on our production schedule.

Initial Strategy Call

Once you are onboarded as a new client, the next step is to schedule a strategy call where we will dive into the details of your project.

During this call, we’ll discuss things like site architecture, page types, content strategy, user-flow, and conversion funnels.

Staging Configuration

Before any work is begun, our development team will set up and configure a staging environment for your website, if you do not already have one.

A staging environment is a mirror copy of your live website where all design and development changes are deployed and tested prior to deployment on the live website, or production environment.

This practice ensures that your live website is never down or interrupted due to design and development changes and that your customer’s experience is seamless regardless of design and development activity.


Our design team will produce a working desktop mockup of the header, navigation, footer, and home page of your site, for your review and feedback. This first mockup will capture the overall look and feel for your new website.

Once you have approved the desktop version, the team will then produce the same mockup for the mobile version of your site.

After you have approved both the desktop and mobile versions, we will repeat this mockup process for each of the additional page types needed for your site. (blog list, blog post, login, account, etc)

Design & Functionality Review on Staging

Next, the development team will code the mockup designs and functionality onto the staging environment.

Afterward, we request that you perform a secondary round of reviews once the designs and functionality are loaded onto the staging environment.

Content Strategy

Next, our marketing team will walk you through our content strategy process to ensure that the content for your new website is precisely crafted and that your message will resonate with your customers and audience.

Once your content has been crafted, assembled, and laid out on your new website, we will request that you review for accuracy and quality.

Pre-launch Quality Control Review & Testing

Our quality control team will perform a thorough sweep of your entire site on the staging environment. The team will perform:

  1. Layout and design checks
  2. Content checks
  3. Functionality tests
  4. Link checks
  5. Performance tests
  6. Load testing

Technical SEO Final Check

Next, the Q/C and development team will perform a final check on all technical SEO points to ensure a smooth transition onto the live environment with no negative impact on your current rankings.
This will include:

  1. Data tracking code check
  2. META tags review
  3. ALT-tags review
  4. .htaccess check
  5. robots.txt check
  6. Sitemap check


The development team will push the new site or changes on the staging environment to the production environment. (your live, publicly accessible website)

Second Round of Q/C & Load Testing on Production

Immediately after pushing your new website or changes to your production environment, our Q/C team will perform a second through round of tests and checks to ensure that the launch was smooth and successful.

This second step is important to ensure that there are no subsequent issues with the new design or changes on your live server configuration.





These are the tools to our success.

Our promise to our clients is nothing less than a high-quality, professional, and delightful experience.

Just ask anyone that we have worked with.

We approach each of our projects with clarity, accuracy, efficiency, and an appropriate amount of speed.  Clear, open communication is paramount to our success. We communicate with our clients both early and often during our design process to ensure that the direction of the project matches the vision from beginning to end.

We Are

Front/Backend Developers

Designers & Strategists

Project Managers

(and growing!)

We Are

Front/Backend Developers

Designers & Strategists

Project Managers

(and growing!)

More than 50 years of combined design and marketing experience in fields like brand development, B2B & B2C ecommerce, web design, email marketing, advertising, and more, have taught us a thing or two about effective design. We’re convinced that the line between creative design and customer experience is very blurry. In a world of sensory and information overload, we consider intelligent, simplified design and personal experiences to be the most powerful tools for effectively building relationships with customers.

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