Restaurant Web Design: Capitalizing on Impulse Behavior & The Psychology of Hunger

In this post, we’ll explore an important topic regarding restaurant website design and user experience: consumers search for restaurants when they are hungry. “Hungry” user behavior This means that consumers (or potential patrons of your establishment) are making their dining decisions on an empty stomach. Consider the following statistics: 85 percent of hungry mobile users searching for food go on

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Website Design Team Like Us

With this post, we would like to help provide you with clarity on how working with a professional, high-quality website design and development team will benefit your business, and how it is an investment that pays for itself. Who should read this If you have found this post, you are more than likely one of several different kinds of people

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Building a Brand Pt. 2 – Visual Identity

This post is part 2 in our series on the architecture of a brand. For part 1 see “What is a Brand?” A brand’s visual identity can be defined as what the consumer pictures in their mind when they hear the brand name. This includes the logo mark, but is also much more. A visual identity encompasses all visual inputs

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Building a Brand Pt. 1 – “What is a Brand?”

This post is part 1 in our series on the architecture of a brand. For part 2, see Visual Identity. As we begin this series on the mechanics of branding, we felt that it would be natural to begin by answering the basic question: “what is a brand?” The word “brand” as used to describe the public facing identity, or

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