Quarry Referral Program

Help a friend make more money.

Connect a friend with great design. Get Paid.


Are they entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing managers, e-commerce retailers, or otherwise responsible for a website?


Could your friend’s website or business benefit from world-class design and digital marketing?


Connect your friend with us for the design and marketing support they need to grow their business. Your friend makes more money and you get paid.

The Numbers

Quarry Project Cost

Referral Commission

(every project, no matter the size)

Your Potential Commission

How do I refer a friend?

1. Tell your friend about us

Tell your friend who is need of good design or marketing support about us.

Maybe you could send them an email telling them that you know a professional team who can help take their marketing to the next level and boost their bottom line.

Explain why you believe that we can help. Send them a sample of our work or one of our web pages.

2. Use the referral form or make an introduction

Use the form to send us your friend’s name, email and contact info. Or send a short introduction email to them and hello@quarrydesigngroup.com.

We’ll then set up a discovery call from there.

However you choose to send us your referral, we just need to know the referral is coming from you prior to the new client signing on with us.

To the form!

3. We’ll take it from there

Once we have scheduled a discovery call with your friend, we’ll run them through our onboarding process to see how we can help to grow their bottom line.

We’ll be evaluating their needs and scoping their project.

4. You’ve helped your friend and made some money

When (and if) your friend does sign on with us, you’re immediately entitled to 10% of their initial estimate.

You can feel good that you’ve connected a friend with great design that is going to help grow their business while earning some extra cash. You’re awesome.


How do I get paid?

Payouts for referrals can be a check, PayPal, or if you are a Quarry client yourself, as a credit to your account.

When do I get paid?

Referral payouts are sent no later than 30 days after receipt of initial deposit from the referral.

If I'm a Quarry client, can I still get paid for referrals?

Absolutely yes.

As a Quarry client, you can choose to receive your referral compensation as a check or PayPal payment, or as a credit to your account.

Refer a friend to Quarry.

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